Tiffany Tucker

Licensed Massage Therapist

Clear Connections Chiropractic massage

Tiffany was raised in the small town of Olivet, MI. Even at a very young age she was always helping others and volunteering her time through church, neighbors, and friends in order to positively influence the community around her. While attending college in Olivet, she decided to focus more on her passion of alternative methods of health and healing, so she moved to Sarasota to attend The Florida College of Natural Health. After completing the Massage Program, with a 3.9 GPA, she moved back home to help educate and bring awareness to the surrounding communities. When her main focus in not on the holistic functional improvement of the mind and body, Tiffany enjoys being outdoors, hiking, camping, and fishing.

Massage Specials

“Share the Love”

2 1-hour Massages  $100  ($140 value)

One for yourself… and the other for Dad perhaps?

Father’s Day is June 21st!!

“Six Packs”

6 30-minute Massages   $180   ($240 value)

6 1-hour Massages   $300    ($420 value)

Clear Connections Chiropractic welcomes Tiffany to the team and is proud to represent the best massage therapist in Grand rapids.