I went to the dentist yesterday and as the hygienist was explaining what she was doing and it’s importance I couldn’t help but relate it to chiropractic.  Myself being a person who brushes, flosses and takes good care of my teeth because I have value for that so I enjoy going to the dentist.  I know that after the appointment is done, even if it was a bit uncomfortable, I have as close to perfect teeth as I’m going to get for the next 6 months.  Day by day my teeth will get worse and worse with decay, bacteria, and plaque until we go in for a cleaning and get all that wiped out.  The stress build up in our mouth gets reset back to zero and the teeth are the most shining, strong and vital they will be.

When you nervous system gets adjusted by a chiropractor that is the moment you have the most perfect, vital, and optimal nerve function.  Stress builds up in-between adjustments and thats a natural biological law just like plaque, bacteria, and decay build up in your month.  Our daily efforts to minimize the stress build up like working out, spinal hygiene exercises, and putting good fuel in your body by eating healthy is as important as flossing and brushing your teeth.  The real moment when you have a clear brain body connection to express and experience life is when you get your chiropractic adjustment just like when you go in for your cleaning at the dentist.  BOOM!

Thank you Dr. Mulder and the team over at http://www.alifeofsmiles.com for the great work!!

Smiling Lips