Its fantastic when when people get the BIG IDEA.  It changes lives and helps people grow toward optimal health.  So what is the BIG IDEA anyway?  Let me tell you a little story.

A wellness member in the office came in like usual with her children and notified us that her youngest, 6 months old, was not doing so well.  He had runny nose, a fever, and was not a happy camper.  What she said next made me so happy and let me know that she really got the big picture with not only her health but her family’s as well.  She said that as miserable as her little boy was doing at that moment it made her sad seeing him suffering but it was needed for him to recover from whatever was causing the problem in the first place.  Also that it would be harmful to suppress the natural response of the body and it just had to run its course.  Than she looked and me and said lets make sure there is no nerve disturbance.  WIN for health.

The BIG IDEA is that we live our lives through our nervous system and when we have that clear signal from the brain to the body, that “clear connection”, than we are able to adapt and react to our environment like we were designed.  Happy Thursday!