When not to use bone broth?

Some individuals have trouble with bone broth. This is most commonly due to individuals who struggle to metabolize histamines and free glutamates. Bone broth is higher in histamines and free glutamates, which are normally metabolized well by most individuals.

Certain individuals that have histamine or glutamate intolerance may struggle with bone broth. In both cases, one of the common complaints is that the individual has a headache after they consume something with either histamines or free glutamates. If you notice you are consistently having a headache and/or other possible symptoms such as fatigue, disorientation, skin rash and joint pain when you consume bone broth than you may have one of these problems.

Individuals with a histamine intolerance often will have a tendency to experience hives or skin lesions associated with higher histamine foods. Individuals with glutamate intolerances will often experience pain and neurological symptoms (such as disorientation, poor coordination, neuralgia or muscle pain along with headaches).

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