**Pampering day for the Mama’s


Clear Connections!

Thursday May 9th from 5-7pm


A special event for the women who matter most… gather your sisters, mothers, and best girlfriends!

A great way to celebrate Mother’s Day!


Massage Therapy Specials THROUGHOUT the day:

30 min Therapeutic Massage $30

60 min Therapeutic massage $50

10 min chair massage & hand massage $5


Special Guests:





What’s a party without a little shopping, taste testing, and great giveaways!

And of course….a Tea Party!

Space is limited, so schedule massage appointments as soon as possible and RSVP for the number of guests you will be bringing along!


**Earth Month fact of the day:

According to the United Nations recommendation, April 22nd was recognized as the International Mother Earth Day in 2009.

**Question of the Week:

Of all the gas that causes acid rain, 2/3 of it comes from power plants using?

  1. Water
  2. Nuclear Materials
  3. Fossil fuels
  4. Plants

**Quote of the day:

He who thinks he has no faults has one.  ~ unknown

**This month we are celebrating Earth Month and going green so lets start the festivities with this months news letter!!