Testimonial Tuesday:

I wish I had chiropractic during my 1st pregnancy

I found Clear Connections Chiropractic because my midwife highly suggested I see a chiropractor during my pregnancy. When I first started care I had been experiencing a sore neck, back, and hips, forever.  I had bad heartburn with my first pregnancy so I expected the same with the second as well.  At its worst my neck would often get stuck to the point I couldn’t move it so I would just lay in bed all day!  My heartburn during my first pregnancy was so terrible I would carry tums with me everywhere and it made me not want another baby!  I noticed improvement immediately, especially with the heartburn.  I mentioned it one day at an appointment not knowing chiropractic could help.  Relief came immediately.  I wish I had chiropractic care during my first pregnancy.  Overall I feel great.  My back, hips, and neck haven’t been bothering me and my heartburn is minimal during this pregnancy.  I would give anything to have known this during my first pregnancy.

Lynn I.

Grand Rapids