As your body grows and changes during pregnancy, it’s common to experience chronic back pain. After all, your body is going through a major change! And while women’s bodies are more than capable of managing the impact of pregnancy, it still affects their bodies in different and unexpected ways. That’s simply because your bodies aren’t used to carrying the additional weight of the baby in front of you. (I mean, most of us don’t carry a watermelon around continuously for nine months, do we?) So, as a result of this additional weight in the front of your body, your back is forced to compensate in order to provide you with a proper balance. It’s fascinating the way the woman’s body works during pregnancy, isn’t it?

Won’t This Back Pain Just Pass with the Baby?

If you notice back pain beginning in your pregnancy, it’s important that you keep an eye on it. Be sure that you are monitoring when your back pain occurs and how long it’s lasting. If this pain becomes habitual, then it’s important you seek help to relieve it. Uncared for back pain during your pregnancy won’t necessarily disappear after the baby is born. And in fact, often times, your back pain can have serious effects during your actual birthing experience. So, make sure that you seek solid solutions.

What Can I Do About My Back Pain During Pregnancy

The thing about chronic back pain during your pregnancy is that, while yes, it is annoying, there are lots of proactive steps you can take to alleviate some of its side effects. So, don’t let yourself live in pain for nine months!

Consider Your Daytime Habits

Sometimes chronic back pain is the result of our poor habits. Take some time to think about your day. Does your job require you to perform certain tasks that put an extra strain on your back? Are you stuck. hunched over a desk all day? Do you have to sit for long periods of time? All of these daily habits play a major part in your spine alignment. And sometimes by making small changes to our daily routine, we are able to see vast improvement in back pain.

Stretch at Lunchtime

One easy thing you can do to help relieve your back pain is to become intentional about taking time out of your day to stretch. For a lot of women, this means stealing away during their lunch to do a few stretches. A lot of common stretches can even be done in your work clothes, so there’s no stress about having to change or take up too much of your time. Challenge yourself to stretch every day for two weeks on your lunch break and let us know what you think! Do you see any changes?

Call Your Chiropractor

Another thing you can do for chronic back pain is to actually contact a chiropractor. At our office, we meet with women who are in all different stages of their pregnancy. It’s never too late to start coming to the chiropractor. So don’t be afraid of coming by just because you haven’t tried it before.

A lot of the pregnant women we adjust find it comforting to know that before we even go ahead and give you an adjustment, we actually sit down with you, one on one, to discuss your pregnancy and your past history, as well as to hear what you think your body needs the most help with. Everyone is different, so it’s important that we are really able to tune in to you and what you need.

If you’re wondering what some of our pregnant clients have to say about chiropractic, be sure to check out this testimonial from Danielle, who started coming to our office in her 16th week of pregnancy.

And, to schedule your appointment today, just go ahead and give us a call. We can’t wait to see the results that we can bring to your life.

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