“Throughout my lifetime, I have experienced terrible allergies that I tried to medicate with allergy medication, but never had complete relief. On the worst days I would experience sneezing, runny nose, coughing and clogged sinuses. I also experienced three bulging discs for over 2 years. I could not walk around for long periods of time, nor could I walk well. While walking I hunched and tilted forward and to the right to compensate for my knee pain. I found it necessary to do my job, but the pain made completing everyday tasks taxing and tiring. While resting, I could only lie on my left side without pain. Through the course of the day my leg was of normal size, but I noticed that towards the evening it always swelled.

My wife, Julie, found out about Clear Connections and told me about it. After my first adjustment my left leg quit hurting for one whole day! Then the pain returned the next day. I decided to continue care and through the course of a month, my left leg stopped hurting all together. With consistently being adjusted I no longer tilted to the right and I could walk without pain! I still get pain in my back after work, but I place ice where it hurts as soon as I get out of the shower and the pain goes away.

Thanks to Dr. Sean and Dr. Krystal I do not have ANY problems with allergies AT ALL this year! I stopped getting allergy shots and I’m breathing clearer than I have ever been able to breathe before. And it’s all thanks to the Doctors and Clear Connections Chiropractic. I realize that if I never tried chiropractic care at Clear Connections, my symptoms and pain would only have become worse.

I do not believe I would have been able to continue working at my job. The chiropractic care that I already received, and will continue to receive, ensures that I am pain free living a life that is full of health and healing.”
-Randy S.

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