“Before starting chiropractic care I experienced constant neck and back pain, including hearing loss! I would often wake up several times each night from the pain. Even though I took muscle relaxers, I would feel pain even if I received a gentle touch on my back. I often used ice packs every day, but they hardly helped. After my physician cleaned my ears and I took the prescribed allergy medication, my hearing did not improve.

However, within a few weeks of chiropractic treatment, my muscles relaxed. The headaches, neck aches, back ache, hip, and leg pain reduced. The next month Dr. Sean worked more with my neck and ears. My hearing returned!

My life and health improved dramatically since starting care. I no longer need the medications or ice pack treatments to ease my pain. Dr. Krystal and Dr. Sean gave me and continue to give me fantastic care that aides in “putting my body back together again.”
Many thanks to them!
-Erin G

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